IAPDD is a global organization of over 100 scholars interested in the investigation of philosophical questions surrounding death and dying, including (but not limited to):

  • the metaphysics of death, including personal identity, criteria for declaring death, etc.
  • the possibility and/or desirability of immortality
  • death as a harm or benefit
  • death and life’s meaning
  • reactions to death and dying (e.g., grief, ars moriendi and the ‘good death’)
  • philosophical implications of death-related technologies (e.g., life extension, cryonics)
  • ethical controversies related to death (suicide, organ donation, etc.)
  • clinical and biomedical issues related to death and dying

IAPDD held its inaugural conference in November 2014, and will hold its second conference May 2016, at Syracuse University. For more information, please contact us.